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On The Farm & At Your Location


To ensure that every reservation is honored, we ask that you complete the following:

For Farm Parties-

Submit a signed party contract.

-Pay a $100 non-refundable deposit (will be applied to the party total)

For Mobile Service-

Submit a signed invoice.

Pay a $100 non-refundable deposit (a larger deposit may be required for service totals over $400)

For Pony Play Dates & other Farm Experiences-

Submit a signed invoice.

Pay a $25 non-refundable deposit (larger deposit may be required for service totals over $200)


The balance is due on the day of the event.

We accept Cash, Venmo or Zelle.


*Parties may be rescheduled due to weather conditions. In the rare case that weather conditions are deemed unsafe for our animals, we will work with you to reschedule your event.






If you should choose to cancel we will consider your event canceled after the following is complete:


-Submit an email within 48 hours before your event with your party information stating the reason for your cancelation. 

-You will receive an email confirmation of cancelation. (if you don't receive an email cancellation confirmation, please resubmit your email cancelation)

Note-Cancelations must be given at least 48 hours in advance of your event, or balance will be due in full. 




At Our Location

Please acknowledge the following:


Set up Time-

-You may have access to the party area1hour before the start time of your party to set up. Please do not show up early, and please do not invite guests at this time.


-Our Party Staff will be available to answer questions, drive your belongings to the party area, and to take your cake to be refrigerated. Our staff will not be available to help decorate.

Party Time-

-You will have access to the party area for 2 hours. Party Format is as follows: Check-in guest and sign waivers, followed by farm rotation in groups of 8-10 children (horse and pony rides, petting zoo, craft, face painting, and farm tour, wash/sanitize hands, food, cake, and goodies). 


-Our Party Staff will be available to assist guests, handle animals and host face painting, crafts, and farm tours if added to party package.


-After Party Time

-You will be given 1 hr to tear down decorations, pack up and clean up. Please leave within the hour and leave the party area the way you found it. 


-Our Party Staff will be available to help you clean up, pack  & drive your belongings to the parking area. 


*We will provide the host with the use of a ladder & a staple gun if needed for decorating and setting up the party area as well as refrigeration for the Birthday cake and containers for cold drinks ( ice available for an additional cost). We also have a limited selection of decorative items that can be added to your party package at an additional cost. We will move the party area tables upon request when possible.

Please schedule a 30-minute walk through a minimum of one week before your event.  

For the safety of our guest & our animals-

No Alcohol or Barbecue will be permitted on our premises.


At Your Location

Please acknowledge the following:


Set up & Request-

-We will arrive 30 minutes to1hour before your event start time to set up and unload our animals.


Please Provide:

- a 50ft minimum parking space for our trailer and truck, preferably as close to your event as possible. 

-A covered area approx. 10x10ft, preferably on grass.

-Have guests parents sign Release of Liability Waivers 


We will provide:

 -a canopy & grass for animals (if you cannot)

-helmets for pony rides

-Trained Staff to handle animals

-A Sanitation Station

-Release of Liability Waivers

-Full Coverage Liability Insurance 


* If you need additional insurance or to be listed as co-insured, please provide us with a request a minimum of 1 week in advance. Additional charges may apply. Also, any necessary permits for the scheduled location must be handled by the party host.




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